Water-Based Non Toxic ZERO VOC Cleaner
Water-Based Non Toxic ZERO VOC Cleaner
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Water-Based Non Toxic ZERO VOC Cleaner

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Water-Based Non Toxic ZERO VOC Cleaner

Cleans as Good as ANY SOLVENT

No MSDS sheet required – contains no hazardous ingredients.
Made from Soybeans!
The best most aggressive wax and grease remover on the market
Not safe for Fresh Paint – use as a pre-cleaner
Not flammable- will not burn!
Comes in gallons, 5 gallons and 55 Gallon Drums

USES: Oil & gas field chemicals, Home care, Institutional & industrial cleaning.

397W is an eco-friendly highly effective water dilutable microemulsion concentrate for an industrial all purpose and general Cleaner as degreasing, floor cleaning, ink clean up, aircraft, clean up (D-limonene extender). Great for paint shop use as well, as this product will clean silicone, waxes and grease as effective as any solvent.

Can dilute with water to make a safer final wipe for fresh paint applications

COST is ½ that of other water-based cleaners, using water based solvents and water that don't work at all!

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