Slick-Flint Single Stage Kit
Slick-Flint Single Stage Kit
Tamco Finishes

Slick-Flint Single Stage Kit

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SLICK-Flint®  Anti-Graffiti Coating New Silicone - PTFE Urethane- For Cars, Boats,  Trucks Buildings. Sticks to almost all surfaces – Nothing sticks to it!

Excellent silicone-PTFE  based protective coating – NEVER WAX again! 

Protect buildings, vehicles and properties against unsightly graffiti, or anything that can stick to normal paints like tar, concrete, garbage, etc.

A Revolutionary Two Component Finish that acts like a self waxing paint!

Clear, 2K , silicone PTFE anti-graffiti coating that can be applied by brush, roller and professional spray equipment to exterior concrete, masonry and metal surfaces. A permanent coating that does not need to be recoated after graffiti removal like alternative sacrificial systems. Tagging is removed with a cold water pressure cleaning of ~1,200 psi, without additional cleaning agents. Environmentally Friendly. Can me made ZERO VOC!

Great for concrete trucks to stop cement from sticking to body and chutes

asphalt trucks, waste disposal military, government


SLICK-Flint™ by Tamco Finishes


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