Forever Seal DTM Sealer
Forever Seal DTM Sealer
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Forever Seal DTM Sealer

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Forever Seal DTM Sealer

Forever Seals a Ready To Spray/Direct To Metal is an Industrial Fleet Sealer that has exceptionally good filling properties and provides good color holdout and fast topcoat times.  It can be applied directly over properly prepared steel, galvanized, aluminum, fiberglass, SMC, base-coat, old lacquer, old cured enamel, and old polyurethane.  The advantage of this sealer is that there is NO pot-life issues, and NO RECOAT period to worry about.  It’s FOREVER recoat-able without sanding!
  • Wash area thoroughly with soap and water to remove contaminates that solvent based cleaners cannot remove effectively.
  • Clean repair area with HR-397 Strong Wax & Grease Remover or HR-397W where VOC regulations require use.
  • Completely sand surface with 400-600 grit sandpaper or equivalent
  • RE-CLEAN sanded area with HR-398 Final Wipe with anti-static additive. Wipe before dries with clean lint free cloths.
  • Mix HP-3501 RTS/DTM sealer thoroughly before use.
  • Adjust air pressure to 40-45 psi at the gun, or follow HVLP recommendations for your gun for sealers. Brush or roll with solvent resistant brushes ONLY
  • Apply 1-2 coats with a 5-10 minute flash time between each coat @ 77˚ F. Allow 20-30 minutes before “nib-sanding” (if needed). Use 35-45 psi at the gun or 5-10 psi at the cap when using HVLP. If using airless, apply 1 coatCLEANING
Clean equipment with a quality lacquer thinner, gun cleaner, or V.O.C. compliant solvent as required
Colors                           Grey                 Sprayable Viscosity (RTS)         21-26 sec. EZ Zahn #2
Pot Life                         n/a                   Mix Ratio                                  RTS
Theoretical Dry Film      480 ft2 @ 1 Mil Weight Solids (RTS)                  53%
Color & Gloss holdout    Excellent           Volume Solids (RTS)                 45%
Humidity Resistance      Excellent           Weight Per Gallon                     9.50 lbs.
Solvent Resistance        Excellent           Topcoat times                           15 min. at 1 mils or less
Repair ability                 Excellent           Flash point                                22 °F
Florida Exposure           Excellent           Package voc                             4.60 # / gal
Chip resistance             Excellent           RTS voc                                   4.60 # / gal
DO NOT USE Fisheye in this product!


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