Fleet & Industrial Coatings

Tamco's Fleet & Industrial Coatings

Tamco Finishes manufactures durable yet economical fleet and Industrial
products, including Duraflint 1 and Amerflint II topcoats, as well as industrial 1K
enamels, and Tamco Paints Antimicrobial Germ Killer called Bioshield. Which is
available in a latex wall or Amer-flint II 2K urethane modified to provide
antimicrobial protection from bacteria, fungi and algae and this is also Fire
retardant. Our SLICK-KOTE®  Anti-Graffiti Coating Silicone - PTFE Urethane-
is for Cars, Boats,  Trucks Buildings. Sticks to almost all surfaces – Nothing
sticks to it! SLICK-KOTE® protects buildings, vehicles and properties against
unsightly graffiti, or anything that can stick to normal paints like tar, concrete,
garbage, etc. Also our Monocoat with our unique MONOCURE
TECHNOLOGY - is a superior to moisture cure urethanes on the market! Rust
will NOT come back thru this product, like in other inferior moisture cures.
Tamco Finishes also offers a diverse line of Products to the Rail Industry. High
Performance Epoxies and Polyurethanes for use on Locomotives, Direct To
Metal (DTM) Enamels for Boxcars, Carriers and Gondolas, as well as
Chemically Resistant Tank Linings are all immediately available.

Marine and Aircraft Topcoats

Both Duraflint 1 (like old green label Imron®) and Amerflint II, Tamco's Acrylic
Urethane Topcoat are high gloss topcoats for an easy-to-apply, high gloss finish.
Both products have superior flow-out, higher gloss, and easier application than
other finishes out there. Our gloss rating is near 100%. Amerflint II® is the
urethane available for under the waterline! Amerflint II® is also skydrol
Total solutions for aluminum, fiberglass and wood substrates, Tamco Finishes
has your solutions.

Government Mil Specs

Government agencies, Federal, State and Local, purchase and/or specify
coating materials to meet detailed requirements of those agencies. Because of
the known and accepted quality of these specifications, it has become the
practice of many facility owners and industry to use these same specifications
as these standards.