Painting Over Wood


Clear-coating BARE WOOD
Painting Wood /Bare Wood

1. Lightly sand all surfaces of the wood. Rub in line with the wood grain as much as
possible. Pay particular attention to smoothing large visible surfaces, such as the
top of the table, the seat of the chair or the top of the dresser. Go over these areas
with 00 steel wool to create the smoothest surface.
2. ShopVac and wipe off all sanding residue with HR-398 Final Wipe
3. (OPTION) Brush on a thin coat of wood pore sealer before applying polyurethane
if your wood is heavy-grained. This will increase the smooth feel and appearance
of the poly finish coats. It will also prevent wood tannins from rising to the
surface and staining finished work. Tight-grained wood, such as birch, beech or
maple, will not need sealer.
4. Mix desired Tamco Clearcoat. We highly recommend Tamco Amerflint II, Hi-
IMpact or HC-9500 Super Cure Hi-Impact... See TDS for mixing... However,
over reduce the first coat of clear by 50%- Allow 30 minute flash (except for HC-
9500- follow regular TDS instructions)
5. Allow Clear 20-30 minutes before applying a second coat.
6. The next Day (or in 2 hours with HC-9500.00 Sand surfaces lightly with steel
wool or better 400 grit wet or dry sandpaper, to increase adhesion. Apply a second
coat of clear. If you expect your furniture piece to receive heavy wear, apply a
third coat, with a 20-30 minute between coat time.

Previously Stained Wood

1. Dust the furniture piece thoroughly. Wash with mild soap and water if needed to
remove any accumulated dirt. Use heavy-duty degreaser and water to scrub the surface if
you see a glossy finish or other signs that the piece may have been polished or waxed.
Let dry thoroughly.
2. (Optional) Brush on a thin coat of shellac or a similar sealer to preserve the evenness
of the stain coat.
3. Apply a thin, even coat of Tamco Clearcoat (as noted above) and let dry completely.
After curing, sand the dried surface with fine-grit sandpaper or steel wool to improve
adhesion and apply 1-2 more coats of clear-coating.

Painted Furniture

Same as above, however, a Tamco single stage or base-coat color can be used, following
the same procedures as above



Written By: Bob Barney

Tech Dept (800) 678- 1533  Press #5 for further questions

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